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I have been a trainer/facilitator for more years than I dare admit and it fascinates me how much I am still learning about learning. As founder of an organisation called “How to Accelerate Learning” I spend a lot of time helping individuals and organisations learn how to learn better, faster and with more retention and business impact.

It never ceases to amaze me how many organisations equate learning to training and so we often challenge people as a group to come up with 50 different ways to learn. The looks on their faces when I set this challenge has ranged from utter horror to “is she crazy?”

When they actually start to think and collaborate, it is amazing what they come up with. When I first set this challenge, I made it “30 ways to learn” (because my list was 50) and since then my list has grown, as has the challenge. The last group I worked with on a Learning Loop workshop in fact got so competitive they came up with 64 different ways!!

So why is this even important? To be able to create a learning culture surely there have to be more options than training? People are learning every single day without going on training. For instance, did you attend a training course (run by your mother perhaps) to:

• Walk
• Talk
• Play
• Eat
• Socialise?

And now, when you are stuck on how to create the best twice-baked cheese soufflé and you do not have a recipe for it, then obviously, you Google it (when did it become a verb I wonder?)

So over a period of 100 working days I have been challenged by Ed Monk, CEO of the LPI, to create 100 short videos on 100 ways to learn and why? Here are a few reasons:

• I like a challenge
• I get to do some colouring in
• I like sharing stuff
• I would like everyone to know what a rich tapestry the world of learning is
• I would like organisations to empower their people to learn in 100+ different ways!
• I would like to hear of any ways I have missed out

So watch out on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as this network to see all 100 ways to learn! Coming your way soon!

If you would like to chat to us about how we help organisations to learn better then please email us at [email protected]

  1. Profile photo of Katy Grady
    Katy Grady 2 days ago

    looking forward to the videos – will they be hosted on LPN?

  2. Profile photo of Krystyna Gadd Author
    Krystyna Gadd 2 days ago

    Hi Kate
    You can catch them in a number of ways:
    – on Twitter look for the #100ways2learn hashtag
    – YouTube this is the playlist link: https://youtu.be/MSUbr0jEAEA?list=PL7AFL-oDax0FlMikSdcJ4InshaADj4X3P (new one every working day)
    – LinkedIn – look at the Learning and Performance Institute profile at 12:00 each day

    I will check with Giles if it is going onto the LPN! Hope you enjoy the series

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