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    Ray Harrison

    My organisation has recently adopted the Agile methodology & principles for new Change initiatives and Projects. As a function that regularly supports this work at the ‘project plan to the people’ stage we are struggling with the sprint approach and the associated timelines. I’m keen to hear from any other L&D professional who is either in the same boat (strength in numbers) or has managed to adapt their approach from standard ‘waterfall’ to one of Agile



    Hi, My previous organization was very agile.
    Basically, the idea of a sprint is having a short feedback loop. The short feedback loop is at the core of the agile methodology.

    The way it affected me, was that I learned to start with smaller steps and iterate along the way to improve the process, instead of making a perfect but huge project.
    For example. I would roll out an e-learning to a couple of users and then based on the feedback improve it (normally, I would only confer with the experts of the topic and then roll out to all at once). Maybe you can give a concrete example of something you are
    struggling with, so I can see how I would solve that in the agile mindset.

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