How do we overcome the linguistic challenges?

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    Jan Lindborg

    Hi – I’m responsible for Training Operations for a 200-strong corporate L&D organisation covering ~20,000 learners in every geography in the world. Language is a big challenge for us. My team manage the translation of technical and skills training into 7 major languages.
    Some of our challenges include the following. I am interested to know if you have questions, comments or suggestions about any of these:

      Making sure our English language source materials is translation friendly
      Video – voice over or subtitles?
      Planning for longer sentences (for example German vs English) in eLearning
      The cost of translating
      Doing good quality-checks
      Translating Exams (different skills from translating courseware)
      Whether to translate or not (should technical people just speak English?)
      Latin versus European – who really wins (Portuguese, Spanish)
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