Member Spotlight – Graeme Phillips of Oracle

We continue to shine the Member Spotlight and this week it falls on Graeme Phillips, Senior Manager Product Training at Oracle.

What does the changing nature of Learning & Development mean for L&D professionals?

Learning and Development is at the forefront of an ever changing world and I think L&D professionals now as always have to adjust and develop their own skills to keep ahead of the game. As the demands of both our traditional and modern domestic industries evolve and our workforce becomes ever more global in approach and attitude, individuals naturally seek more effective, efficient and accessible learning. I feel it is incumbent on L&D professionals to lead the way and develop innovative learning solutions.

What in your opinion are the most effective ways of encouraging staff to become self-directed learners?

I am not sure encouragement is needed! More than ever, I think individuals are becoming more self-directed as a means of seeking to maximise their value to employers by acquiring knowledge. However, the means by which this education is accessed seems to be evolving rapidly, creating a demand for anytime, anywhere learning content that can be easily consumed and tracked through multiple devices.

There has been a great deal of publicity and conversation around MOOC’s this past 18 months – what do you think the future look like for MOOC’s?

To my mind MOOC’s are a natural extension and formalising of open content channels such as You Tube and should be welcomed. Of course, as with many web based aspects of knowledge acquisition, they need a framework to ensure the continuity and quality of what is being presented. As with the early days of SCORM for e-learning, we may find a number of iterations of these frameworks before the industry settles on one.

Is Learning and Development going through an evolution or a revolution?

We are probably undergoing an evolution, but driven by a revolution! I think L&D professionals more than ever, need to adopt an approach of being spiders at the centre of a web; always alert and sensitive to the vibrations of what industry and individuals are seeking. I firmly believe that one of the most important aspects is for us not to seek to dictate, but to listen, understand and support what is demanded in terms of continual professional development.

Who or what is informing your thinking around L&D?

There are many influences that can inform and of course organisations such as the Learning & Performance Institute play a vital role in researching, collating and presenting important aspects of learning development that should drive our thinking. Given the extraordinary pace of change currently, I think all good L&D professionals should be particularly tuned into the feedback that employers provide, especially around skills and experience gaps identified in school leavers and graduates.

What advice would you give to someone looking to take up a career in learning?

Be prepared for a challenging and demanding journey full of infinite variety, hugely dedicated people wanting to better their small part of the world and moments of both extreme frustration and satisfaction.

About Graeme

Graeme is a highly skilled technical and operational Program Manager with over 20 years’ experience specialising within the IT Training environment. MSP and Prince2 certified, a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and a Member of the Association of Project Management.

Areas of personal specialty include global and regional IT vendor and corporate training program management and development, project management, instructional design methodology, curriculum development and instructor development and management.

Graeme has travelled to over 45 countries and presented to audiences at major vendor and corporate events on a variety of aspects of learning and development. He is currently leading education for Oracle’s Marketing Cloud across EMEA.

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