What next for systems?

Afternoon everyone,

I’m on the hunt for answers and opinions or thoughts please. It only seems sensible to therefore ask an audience.

LMS’s have become a staple within a good proportion of the L&D world. There are many out there and they all have good approaches to solving the problem of providing the best platform for organisations to host their learning within.

With this in mind I wanted to ask where next? What is it that LMS’s are missing, don’t do or would be handy to have?
What do you all think of the current functionality you have and would like to be able to utilise?

For example, does an LMS need to go beyond the realms of only being used for your current users? Could it be used as part of the recruitment process as well as the induction programme and then ultimately lead into a personalised learning pathway?

Do you want it to link to different systems other than your HR, CRM and finance packages?

I’d be interested to hear peoples thoughts.



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