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This post is for the people out there that go to work every day in the hope of making their  targets, hitting their deadlines, wowing their crowds or critics  but know and feel inside that they don’t know how to. They are not even aware that something can be done about it.  It is also for the people that are hitting target but want to be exceeding far beyond where they already are and don’t know what to do to get there.

Decide that you are destined for better things.

Shed your old skin of failure and mediocrity. Today you are beginning a new life. You are not born a failure. You are an Amazing being of immense talent and determination and you will succeed. Nature has supplied you with the tools to be a success and to survive at the top. Make the decision that you will be better, better than the best. Look yourself in the mirror, right in your eye and convince yourself of it. Do it now!

Greet the day with Love in your heart and mind.

Force can destroy solid mass. Weapons can destroy nations. Only love, kindness and goodness can open the hearts of people. Until you master this you will always be a failure. Love can tear down walls of suspicion and cynicism. The people who you meet you will feel your kindness and love and will be won over by it without knowing what it is. Your timing will improve, your stress levels will decrease, you will be more relaxed and confident about everything you do.

Persist until you succeed.

Use positive language and thought patterns. Always look for ways to succeed regardless of the odds. Do it for fun. Eliminate any negative words from your vocabulary like fail, impossible, cannot, unworkable, retreat. Take the t away from can’t and you have can. Be like the rain that carves a river into a canyon. The prize is at the top of the mountain, not at the foot. Know that if you persist long enough you will win. By staying the course you have already eliminated 80% of your competition who simply dwindle away through a lack of persistence. Make persistence your ally, your lover and friend. Never abandon her. Never allow your day to end with failure, always make another call, another play for success, practice another scale, hit another ball, and run another lap. When you persist, you WILL WIN

Remember that you are UNIQUE.

Use that to your advantage. Nobody else can talk like you, walk like you, think like you sound like you. You are a miracle of life. Celebrate that fact. Nobody can produce your child. Nobody has the ability to sell exactly as you do. Nobody can sing like you or kick the ball the way you do. Nobody has had the same journey as you. Nature is immense in what it has produced, it is perfect in its creativity. Capitalise on your differences, set yourself apart in the world and be happy for it.

Live every day as though it is your last.

Waste no time mourning the defeats of yesterday. Today and NOW are all you have. The past exists only in the memory and in film, documents or books and photographs. Everything great that EVER happened, happened TODAY! NOW! Nothing HAPPENS in the past or the future, they are constructs of the mind. Useful for reminiscing good times, remembering to not make similar mistakes and for planning. When done with that, bring yourself right back to NOW and live today like it is your last because it very well could be. Smell the roses, notice the raindrops, and see the rainbows. Kiss your wife or husband or children goodbye in the morning as though it be the last. Enjoy your food as though it be the last. Do this with true conviction and it will set you apart instantly.

Master your Emotions.

Every day you will wake with moods that are different from yesterday, it’s one of nature little tricks. You need to master those emotions so that you can make each day a productive one. Force your actions to control your thoughts. How can you do this? If you are depressed – Sing, if you feel fear, go ahead and do it anyway. If you feel uncertain, raise your voice a little, if you feel poor, think of riches to come, if you feel sad, make an effort to laugh. If you are over confident, remember your failures, if you are complacent, remember your competition. If you are too proud, remember moments of weakness. Become master of yourself.

Laugh at the world.

Cultivate the habit of laughter. Smile, chuckle and laugh out loud and often. When you are confronted by people who belittle you and try to put you down, just remember; it WILL PASS. Everything does. With laughter, everything is put into perspective. Laugh at your failures, laugh at your success. Smile at people, spread smiling wherever you go and people will spread it further. Count your success at the end of a day by how much you have shared your smile and goodness.

Multiply your value TODAY  x 100.

Seeds have one of 3 futures. They can placed in a bag and fed to birds or animals. They can be crushed and made into flour for cooking or they can planted back into the ground and produce plants which flower and thrive. We are similar to seeds but we have a choice about which future we will have. We are in control of our actions and how we re-act to the thoughts that we have. We can do the tasks that failures will not do in order to be a success. We can make that extra call. Knock on the extra door. Reach out to one more person. Set goals for the day the week the month the year for your life. Set the highest goals you care to set and don’t be concerned about it. You may stumble many times before you get there, but get there you will. Only snakes and worms don’t have to worry about stumbling. Never be content with your work in the market. Always look to multiply the value you give.


Your dreams, hopes and aspirations are absolutely useless if you do nothing to make them happen. Knowing is not enough, We must Apply, Willing is not Enough, We must Do. Procrastination is the food and drink of failures. Make ACTION your nourishment.  Make action a natural instinctive part of your being like blinking your eyelids. There are many types of people in this world. Some will leave the litter on the floor to be lifted tomorrow. Some will lift it tomorrow or the next day. Be the one who lifts it immediately. Success does not wait, if you delay it will be lost to you forever.

Have gratitude.

Last but absolutely not least. Be grateful for what you already have. Look around and count your blessings. Acknowledge the people in your life that have brought light and colour. Those that have added shade or warmth. Be happy for the successes you have already received regardless of how small or insignificant they may seem. So many people wander this world in self-pity and greed when they have so much and are never grateful for it. If you cannot be grateful for what you have you will never appreciate what you don’t have and will never appreciate when you get more. This will fester and grow and ultimately be your downfall. Have gratitude and humility and you will succeed. Focus your energy and your mind and whatever it is in life that you have gratitude for, will multiply in your unique brilliant way.

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Sean Craig is a seasoned business development and process improvement professional, passionate about making sure he gives a return on investment to companies he works with. His mission is to bring considerable process improvement and tangible increase in profits to his clients. Craig is working at implementing strategic business process improvements across departments to dynamically link operations seamlessly. The goal is to eliminate waste and pave the way for growth.

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