20 Things You Could Try in 2018

Look to design some one-page checklists (or guides) for new starters or new leaders

Run an audience focus group as part of your design process: discover their top 10 tasks & concerns

Review your leadership programme from an experience-design perspective

Go for a walk for some of your meetings

Review some content and ask ‘is there any specific task that this stuff would help me with?

Come up with a content strategy for a topic

Produce some 20-second ‘how to’ videos: try the new screen recording feature of iOS

Crowd-source a list of ‘micro-challenges’; see how many you can complete

Create an infographic using PowerPoint

Find out the one word for each person in your team: the thing that matters most to them

Design a resource instead of a course

Establish a daily learning routine for people in your team

Talk like you do outside work, inside work

Run a ‘future of learning’ session/day (we’d be happy to contribute)

Map out the ideal user experience for one of your audiences

Use Slack or Trello or WhatsApp on a project (or just set up a group to share learning)

Start using big, provocative images and small amounts of text rather than lots of text

Switch to a standing desk

Use a story, rather than bullet points, in a presentation

Post an article on LinkedIN


About the author – Nick Shackleton-Jones

Transfixed by the task of understanding people, technology and the challenges of integrating the two, Nick began his career as a psychology lecturer and author. He has since worked in consultancy, Siemens, the BBC and BP in roles encompassing learning strategy, leadership, culture, innovation and technology. A memorable conference speaker and well-known in the corporate learning world for ground-breaking thinking and work, he divides his time equally between being disruptive and provocative.

Nick was the winner of the prestigious Colin Corder Award at the 2017 Learning Awards

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