7 steps to becoming a Digital Learning Pioneer

The need for a Digital Learning Pioneer

The business world has changed – irreversibly – and is only going to become more digital and faster-paced. Employees today expect on-demand support comparable to the experience they have online, outside of the corporate infrastructure.

L&D is under pressure from business leaders and employees alike. So how can you lead the way forward?

Introducing the 7 Steps:

Focus on performance, not learning
Make decisions with data
Influence everyday performance
Flip to digital resources first
Empower workers to self-direct their learning
Measure efficacy, not learning
Lead so that others can follow

Why not register to take part in the up and coming webinar on the 04th August or download the accompanying white paper – simply click here 

  1. Andy Dale 4 years ago

    Looking forward to the webinar. In the moment learning and the introduction of technologies at an ever increasing rate into the learner landscape to support business needs is a very hot topic for the modern learning organisation. The VUCA environment is no longer a business challenge, it’s now an L&D environment we cannot ignore. The move from order taker to trusted advisor and performance consultant is going to be an interesting one. I feel, engagement and mind-set change will be key to the changing roles of L&D.

    • David James 4 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, Andy. These certainly are changing times for business and L&D and there is certainly an opportunity for technology to support performance and capability more than it does. I’m delighted to see you’re looking forward to the webinar and hope that you find it enjoyable and valuable.

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