A to Z of networking. L is for……

In his continuing series business networking strategist Andy Lopata shares his tips for breaking down the barriers to successful business networking.


The finest skill of any friend, colleague, partner or networker. Listen FOR people, rather than to them. Stop forming your response before the other person has finished speaking.

Listen, pause to form your reply and then respond on their terms, not on your own.


Surround yourself with a diverse network of people who are happy to share their experiences, expertise and ideas with you. Don’t feel as though you need to know all of the answers.

Become a sponge and be willing to ask and to learn.

L is also for…

Long game

Need a new job, new clients or advice urgently and don’t have trusted relationships with people who can help you? Forget networking and cold call!


Once you have established strong relationships who you are happy to support, don’t be frightened to ask for help and leverage the power of the network you have built.


Be a networking star by making connections between the people in your network whenever you have the opportunity.


A massive impact on the business and career front over the last twelve years but still criminally misunderstood, underestimated and underused.

Like From Facebook posts to people.

Be a ‘people person’. Show them that you like and support them. People support people they know, like and trust.

Let it go

Not everyone will respond to your natural charm. If the rapport isn’t there don’t take it personally, move on.

Lion / LION

Have the confidence and boldness of a lion. Not to be confused with LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) who will connect with anyone, irrespective of a prior relationship. That is NOT networking.


Don’t be a Limpet when in conversation with others. Know when the time comes to leave gracefully, ready to follow up if appropriate.

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