All I want for Christmas is a … GDPR compliant company?

There are 5 current and common challenges about to hit learning providers. This is a shout-out to those of you who are not yet ready for the change.

Generic GDPR compliance is not enough to prepare your marketing strategy to keep it fit for 2018. Nor is it enough to ensure you get the most from the Learning Technologies expo in January. If you have not changed your strategy, there will be a notable lead drop next year.

I’m not typically one to scaremonger, but GDPR is an exception, because it is a very real challenge and those not fully prepared will feel the hit. Below are 5 common points of failure that we are finding with learning and development sector companies.


1 – Gathering Leads: The approach to gathering leads will significantly change. A more structured, more targeted approach will be essential, which in itself is not a negative aspect of GDPR. However, it will require carefully curated marketing messages.

2 – Maintaining Leads: Keeping people’s data and continuing to stay connected with them will require more thought. For those that have already built their post-GDPR marketing strategy, you can sit smugly in the knowledge that you know how you are going to use new techniques to convert leads. If you have been really clever about it you may have established how to make your targeting and conversion more successful as a result.

3 – Nuances: Each company has very specific nuances, and establishing the relevancy of GDPR here is important to avoid the hefty fines. Databases such as members, personalised contacts and even data stored in your analytics will be impacted, and it is important to know how.

4 – Media Check: You’ll need to check and edit all your marketing media on- and off-line for non-compliant aspects. The nature of these will depend on your company, there is no transferable quick-fix.

5 – Stop underestimating the impact: Here I am referring specifically to the marketing approach. For those that are prepared, the change will be manageable; you will have had the time to think it through, adapt and prepare. Don’t get caught out at the last minute and cause yourself unnecessary stress.


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