An LPI members journey….. big pie thinking #2

I believe it is really important to acknowledge when people have been helpful and especially if done with a spirit of generosity. A while back I wrote a blog “Are you a big pie thinker” in which I named those people who have been really encouraging of me, knowing that by helping me, it would not diminish their “pie” or market share, because there really is enough for everyone.

In LPI (Learning and Performance Institute) circles I am a real newbie, having only begun my association at the start of this year, but nonetheless my journey is worthy of some “thank you”s.

It all began when Ed Monk, Managing Director of the LPI phoned and asked “What do you want to get out of an institution?”

My answers were broadly:

·     Somewhere to be heard (I think I have something to share)

·     Somewhere to network (and get more business)

·     Somewhere I can use my skills/knowledge

·     Somewhere to be amongst peers and learn

Since joining the LPI, there have been many highlights and many warm, as well as welcoming conversations. If I have to summarise it, these are the highlights and all in less than 10 months!

Meeting many lovely talented L&D professionals (nothing stuffy or pretentious about them either!)

Becoming a fellow of the institute (very proud)

Becoming an associate of the LPI and being involved in the accreditation process

Coming to LearningLive (had fab conversations and really enjoyed the Creativity Zone as well as inspiring speakers)

Becoming an accredited provider (Thanks Alan for all the advice)

Running a webinar with the wonderful Jo Cook (A real gem!) as well as learning loads about running webinars from said expert!

Being asked to run the Creativity Zone at LearningLive 2017 and having my mind go into overdrive with all the ideas sparked off by last year’s Creativity Zone.

All of this with a feeling of warmth, inclusion and appreciation…all of this thanks to that initial reaching out from Ed. So deeply grateful to have found the LPI, new peers and a feeling of family.

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