Are You Frustrated By Training That Creates Short Term Interest But Not Long Term Change?

We forget 80% of what we learn within 30 days, or even quicker. This was the finding of the German psychologist Herrmann Ebbinghaus. Though this was back in the mid 1800’s the principals are still true today. Unless we repeatedly use what we have learnt it will disappear. We have all been on a one-day training course. The trainer was great, the sandwiches were poor, and we came out buzzing, but what behaviours did we actually change? Some? Few? None? The latter is most likely.

This Free Guide aims to help HR Managers, Training Officers, and Learning and Development Managers to reach that lofty goal of behavioural change with their Learners. By using any of the simple and practical solutions in this free guide, or by combining the solutions to achieve much more significant results.

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Making Business Matter is a training provider to the UK grocery industry who help suppliers to the big four supermarkets to develop the soft skills that will secure them more profitable wins.

Their trainers have worked on both sides of the fence and know the challenges of working with the big four supermarkets, plus they also know how they think and what their hot buttons are.

The problem suppliers to the big 4 face is that they are investing money in training but are not seeing a measurable return on investment. This is because most training companies do not understand the mindset of buyers from the big 4 supermarkets and the skills being learnt are not getting put into practice.

Through their unique training method, Sticky Learning ®, ensures that your Learners are still using their new skills 5 months later, which enables us to guarantee a measurable return on training investment.

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