Coronavirus: The Learning Sector’s Response

News from across the learning sector on the crisis engulfing every person and every business; interviews with learning leaders, including Ed Monk from the LPI and Andy Moss from City & Guilds; input from learning professionals, learning vendors and learning media.

Learning News has reached out across the learning sector to gather the immediate responses and reactions to the coronavirus pandemic. With one third of the world currently on lock-down an unimaginable human crisis is taking place. Every human is affected and connected by this, everywhere.

The learning sector is not on the front line, but it is mobilsing to equip the world of work with the skills needed to first survive and then thrive.

Ed Monk, CEO, Learning and Performance Institute: “The world has changed and our educators are core to us getting through this. They are not a luxury, they are a necessity.”

Andy Moss, CEO, City & Guilds Corporate Learning: “We’ve all got a very important part to play right now; there has never been a greater need for support, for education, for training and development.”

Rob Clarke, Editor, Learning News: “Our sector’s leaders first response has been to care for their employees and their employees’ families. There has been a human response from the learning sector putting people first, standing by their employees, expressing payments to the self-employed, extending credit terms to customers, providing resources free-of-charge, giving time to help businesses adapt and survive, the list goes on and on.”

He added: “The world stands at a pivotal point in history and how we treat people will define the kind of world that emerges when this is over.”

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