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Those of you familiar with the work of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) will be aware that two years ago the free Capability Map for Learning Professionals was launched.

The aim of this tool is to allow learning professionals from any discipline to be able to self-assess their own skills against a framework which has been developed by many of the senior figures from our industry.

The Capability Map has proven to be hugely successful, producing thousands of reports for individuals all over the world, allowing the learning community to discover their skills gaps and work on filling them.

Since the launch of this self-assessment tool, the LPI has been working on an enhancement of another service; this time aimed at the learning and development function. Again, the LPI has gleaned knowledge and skills from many of the most respected figures in learning worldwide to modernise its framework, which has already been adopted for twenty years .

“Learning Department Accreditation” has been specifically designed to rapidly accelerate learning and development departments to a high standard of capability and maximise its contribution to overall business performance:

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses against a comprehensive maturity model
  • Recognising leading practice
  • Facilitating a “direction of travel” that enables the department to quickly excel

Whereas other models have focused purely on the benchmarking of teams, LPI accreditation provides much more. You can choose to simply access a free, bespoke report for your L&D function or you can work on driving high performance by engaging fully with all three steps of the programme. So what are the three steps?

Evaluate Your Overall Capabilities – First, you need to identify your department’s current strengths, skills gaps and opportunities by taking an online self-assessment. This takes less than 15 minutes and you’ll start to get feedback almost immediately. Once you complete the evaluation, you’ll be on the path to receiving a scorecard showing precisely how your department compares against your peers – and the areas you need to prioritise.

Uncover the Opportunities, Focus on the Critical and Plan for Action – Knowing where the priorities are is simply the first step; the key issue is what to do about them! That is the critical value-add at this second level. This involves drilling down beyond the overall scorecard and looking at the metrics in greater detail. It’s then that the LPI’s skilled consultants can help you to put together a detailed action plan that will fast-track your department to excellence – and maximise the value-add that you create.

Achieve Community Recognition and Institute Accreditation – There’s a vast difference between self-assessment and a formal assessment process, both in terms of self-delusion and the subjective nature of many assessments.

Evidence from the accreditation programme shows that people do tend to respond to the diagnostic tool as they would like the situation to be – as opposed to what it actually is. In this highest level of engagement with LPI, the responses that participants have made are formally analysed with them and any inconsistencies are fully reviewed.


This is now a process which has been undertaken by over 80% of the learning provider market by volume, and over 1,000 L&D functions worldwide. The subjective knowledge of the LPI consultancy team along with the objective process creates a uniquely valuable way to measure, benchmark and improve a learning function. The LPI then works with you to recognise, support and promote your team as engineers of organisation change and demonstrable impact.

As you can imagine, we are pretty proud of the work we are doing, as a not-for-profit Institute so if you like, why not begin driving your L&D function to high performance here and get the guidance and recognition you and your team deserve.

About the author – Edmund Monk

A dynamic, strategic and entrepreneurial business leader and visionary with demonstrably strong management skills and proven track record of success. Prominent industry figurehead, one of the most well-connected people in learning globally & founder of The Learning and Performance Institute.

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