Creating energy in the training room

I’m currently designing training for trainers around creating energy in the training room which has taken me to the possibly obvious question…

What do we mean when we say ‘energy’?

So far I’ve considered:

Emotional energy – Experiencing both positive and negative emotions

Physical energy – Moving around, physical activity, making something

Competitive energy – teams, personal challenges, timed tasks

Reflective/thoughtful energy – pondering questions or information

Vocal energy – discussion, debate, voice exercises

Creative energy – designing, creating, building

Please add your comments below. What else is there? Any key categories I’ve missed or do you have specific activities around any of these worth sharing?

Thanks for any replies

About the author – Glen Butler

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  1. Krystyna Gadd 4 years ago

    Interesting thread and energy to me implies action, movement, noise and discussion. These energies all sound great but I wonder if by using the word energy we can also encompass the quiet time people will need to reflect and consider? This are bot key as sometimes the loudest and most dynamic suggestions in a discussion are not always the right ones. Sometimes we need to step back and think quietly. What do you think?

    • Glen 4 years ago

      Hi Krystyna,

      I absolutely agree with you which I why I considered the category of Reflective/Thoughtful energy. Focusing in on yourself, having time to think or explore your beliefs or values can create a huge amount of personal energy. I also like the idea of going for a walk, getting fresh air and spending time in nature as this really recharges people’s batteries!

  2. Debbie Sawyer 4 years ago

    Great thread, though for me, the energies listed are all to do with the learners. What about the energy in the room/environment? Getting the environment right is also important to facilitate the other energies listed. Maybe suggest using Music to set the right atmosphere, either relaxing or upbeat depending on the challenges the delegates are facing, the lighting in the room being conducive to the activity, the layout of the room, removing barriers that will block the flow of good energy. Getting these environmental vibes right will help with the others listed.

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