Donald H Taylor – “Webinar Master” on the way

My e-book “Webinar Master” is due to be published at the beginning of November by British e-book specialist Canelo.

The book is based on my experience coaching speakers for, hosting, and delivering hundreds of webinars since 2007, largely for the Learning and Skills Group (LSG), an international community of about 8,000 learning and development professionals.

It will make you a webinar master – if you put it into practice.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with some wonderful, experienced speakers, and had the delight of coaching some first time speakers to deliver tremendously powerful sessions. I’ve seen what works and have built up a methodology for delivering great webinars, consistently. The fruits of that experience are distilled here for you.

As well as the triumphs, I’ve also had my share of disasters – from the time the webinar service failed 2 minutes before we were due to start (and me in a New York hotel room in my pyjamas at 5 am) to the time both my broadband internet feeds at my home office failed and we ran the session through my mobile phone’s Wi-Fi tethering. In all the hundreds of sessions I’ve been responsible for in that period, we’ve only once been unable to get on air.

It’s been an exciting journey, and the thrill hasn’t gone yet. I still get excited before we kick off one of our Thursday LSG sessions, and still feel that buzz when a presentation and the ensuing Q&A have gone particularly well. And after every webinar, I want to do it all over again.

I hope that after reading this book you, too, will enjoy presenting through webinars, and that you will find the same energy and excitement in using this vital modern medium of communication.

Click for more information, and to register for a message from me when the book is out, visit my books page.

You may also be interested in a webinar that Don is hosting for the institute on the 22nd Oct entitled Webinar Master – The Secrets Behind Creating & Delivering World-Class Webinars – to pre register simply click here

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