Each for Equal: International Women’s Day 2020

The LPI has been unequivocal in its support for #WomenInLearning since it burst into being 12 months ago, so when they asked us to provide some useful resources in recognition of International Women’s Day, we didn’t hesitate.

What is #WomenInLearning I hear you ask? Well, nearly two years ago, LPI Chairman Donald H Taylor published research that showed women are not getting to the top within the learning and development profession. This built on research he had done previously in 2015 and the work of Elliott Masie in the US to highlight women’s role in our industry. Then following a huge burst of interest at Learning Technologies 2019, in a post #MeToo world, the #WomenInLearning movement was born:

Not just for women, this group is open to all involved in learning and development profession. Whether you work for an in-house team as an L&D practitioner, are an independent coach or consultant, work for a supply side/vendor organisation or work in education – welcome! This is a place to network with inspiring fellow professionals, get ideas, links to useful resources and keep the conversation going.

Now with nearly 1000 members, it continues to gain momentum. And there are multiple different ways you can find out more and get involved. So here are some hopefully useful and interesting resources. Regardless of your gender, we all have a role to play here in making L&D a more equal place.

So, here’s the challenge, what will you do beyond IWD2020 on March 8th to champion women in learning? Do let us know and in the meantime you can sign up to find out more about the forthcoming podcast and mentoring programme (amongst other initiatives) here.

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