21st Century Performance Consulting

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Date(s) - 10/06/2020
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm


t’s a New Year and a new decade. These are exciting and stimulating times to be in the industry of learning and development.

Are your clients ready for the challenge – and more importantly, are we ready with the mind set needed to deal with the disruption? Every day, organisations invest in HR and learning solutions that achieve minimal performance change. Why is that? Why do we continue having the same conversations we always have about developing the workforce? Are we really Learning Partners/Consultants/Change Agents…..or are we “order takers” for training and learning events? Are you still getting requests for training that you know won’t solve the underlying problem? And, are you – and your budget – under pressure to demonstrate results? Maybe it’s time to stop ‘proving the value’ and start improving the value proposition of your L&D offer.

The performance consulting mind set will become more critical as the role of L&D increasingly develops to be pivotal in organisational success. The innovation will come from a problem solving approach and a systems thinking philosophy in our interactions with clients and stakeholders, rather than tools and courses delivered.

During this free, interactive webinar you’ll discover:

·       How to recognise what’s behind the training requests your stakeholders contact you with.

·       How to ask the right questions when you get a request.

·       How to work with clients to uncover and overcome the underlying reasons for performance gaps and strategically link individual performance improvements to enhanced organisational results.

·       How to make the shift to become a trusted advisor and not simply a cost centre

·       The 6 key skills areas you should know to become a performance consultant

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