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There is a growing recognition that 70-20-10 is a framework that resonates well and is an approach that L&D Managers should adopt. But there’s a real conundrum here; if the 70% is happening anyway, how can L&D add value? At the moment, the 70% is serendipitous; the LPI’s Alan Bellinger asks, so how can we facilitate it to make it more effective?

If L&D Professionals seek to control the serendipity it will be disastrous; the trick is to facilitate it – i.e. give it a nudge! – and make it more focused. The very essence of that 70% is that staff are pulling content at the point of need. Our conventional approach to delivering training is that content is pushed to the learner by an instructor or through e-Learning. And that is the very antithesis of the world of learner pull.

So, if we are looking to facilitate serendipity, there are two critical elements of the process that we can implement:-

1. Recognise the Need – L&D needs to ensure that it can help people to recognise when they need to pull content. It’s all very well to say people will pull it when they need it, but if they don’t immediately understand that they need to pull, there is an avoidable delay. Or, to put it another way, the impact on work-flow is greater than it needs to be.

2. Curate the Content – the critical question that people will ask when they recognise the need is “from where do I pull it?”. Ugly phrase I know, but at least I avoided ending with a preposition! And so we’re looking for a trusted source that will provide content in a minimum number of clicks.

The simplest way to facilitate serendipity is with a capability framework – highlight to people what they need to able to do to work smarter – either in their current role or their next one. Such a framework gets over one of the greatest inhibiters of capability development – people don’t know what they don’t know! And that simple key can unlock a great opportunity to embed learning into work.

Alan Bellinger is the LPI’s Executive Lead on the Pathways Program – a unique framework to assess an L&D department’s strengths and opportunities. For more information go to http://www.learningandperformanceinstitute.com/pathways.htm or simply click here 

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    Great article!

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