21stC blockers to learning?

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    In supporting people’s career development, I feel I am increasingly seeing more time blockers in the 21st century than historically arose. This appears to mean that people take longer to complete programmes and typically finish right on the deadline rather than being able to plan ahead.
    Is anyone else noticing this impact and if so, what do you think are the main factors influencing it?


    Anna C Adams

    Yes, definitely noticing this and I wonder if it’s because there seem to be more distractions. Is there more pressure on individuals overall (personal & professional) that keeps them from prioritizing and planning well? For example, in a sales environment, is the pressure on the sales person to reach a sales goal getting in the way of that person completing a training program? I feel like the answer to that is yes! Perhaps we could counter that if we had more executive buy-in and championship, as well as more individual accountability of learning programs. Or, another idea, what would a reward system do for motivating individuals to finish the training programs on time, or even early???

    Great topic! Thanks for starting the conversation.

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