Gamification In Learning

Gamification is becoming an important and significant tool in the realm of learning. This article talks about what Gamification means and what it brings to the learner and how it’s changing the way learning is happening in current times.

Gamification is the art and science of applying game design thinking to applications that are not really game driven to make them more engaging, fun and  ollaborative. Gamification entails making any scenario a game based approach and leveraging on the desires and needs of humans to compete and achieve. This idea of compete and achieve essentially builds value for the player/learner and thus engages and motivates the user of the application.

The largest area where Gamification can play a strong part is in the realm of learning where users move away from the traditional modes of learning to a more game based approach where they can pit against each other, earn badges, get leader board status et al making learning a fun experience. The learner also uses skills like risk taking, persistence, attention to detail and thinking on their feet. These are behaviours that are traditionally demonstrated by leaders and this sense of winning makes learning enjoyable.

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