Global Institute adopts open badge standard to recognise achievements and skills

Global body for workplace learning to offer members, accredited organisations, certificate holders, and award winners a verifiable recognition of their professional achievements.

The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) has begun to issue digital badges to recognise individuals and organisations that have achieved LPI certifications, accreditations, membership and awards.

As an organisation committed to raising the profile of individuals and organisations in workplace learning, the LPI’s digital badge programme will help learning professionals demonstrate their credentials in a way that is not only verifiable but also shareable with customers, peers and potential employers.

Commenting on the programme launch, LPI Managing Director, Edmund Monk, said: “Digital badges are rapidly becoming the global standard to promote achievements and skills online, especially among millenials. As the global body for workplace learning professionals, the LPI is ideally positioned to adopt and support this emerging ecosystem. The LPI’s strong brand message of trust and quality, together with its commitment to shaping the future of workplace learning means that digital badges now occupy a permanent and vital place within our core values.”

The LPI portfolio will consist of digital badges for individuals who have completed a certification programme such as COLF or TPMA, organisations that have achieved accreditation as a Learning Provider, Department, Technology or Facility, LPI fellows and members, and those who have been selected as finalists and winners at the annual Learning Awards.

The LPI’s badge programme becomes operational in November 2016 and will use Credly as its digital credentialling platform provider.

LPI badges issued through Credly can be shared via popular networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, over email and other online destinations. Credly badges display the certification holder’s name, the credential achieved and validates the LPI as the issuing organisation. This ensures that whoever views the badge can trust the information presented, and makes it easy for the badge holders to share their achievements online via a digital icon easily accessible to employers and industry peers.

More information about LPI digital badges simply click here


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