Millenials killed the focus group. Deep social insights saved it.

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    Stuart Banbery

    Social insight / social sentiment research offers a new and unique opportunity to anyone providing learning to apprentices or students.

    As many of you know, challenges exist when marketing your services to Generation X & Y cohorts. This raises questions around the validity of focus group research and surveys. Even within controlled settings, the desire to participate in a survey creates a “lens” which can bias the research (on some level).

    With over 700 billion social posts in existence, social data has evolved into the largest resource of unsolicited consumer opinion in the world, people are sharing their perspective to whomever will listen and are not “filtering” their opinions.

    This allows the discovery and measurement of key topics of conversation and the sentiment surrounding it, bringing important trends to life. By identifying interests that drive social action, we can add new and revealing context to analysis.

    For anyone interested in this exciting new research methodology, the following link provides some inspirational reading;

    Millenials killed the focus group. Deep social insights saved it.

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