Using Modern Training Management Software to Understand your Customer

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    So you’ve got your course booking process down to a fine art. Customers are responded to promptly and are managed in a structured and engaged manner throughout the booking to delivery process. You have been gathering lots of information in your CRM about what they are interested in, what they actually booked on and what courses they have attended.

    Over the years you have also probably found out lots about them that you don’t even realise. If they are a business you may know their company size, turnover, number of employees, strategic mission and their growth objectives.

    If you sell to individuals you may know even things about the student’s individual aspirations, their job role and other qualifications they may have.

    In both cases you may know how your customers like to be contacted and what specific interests they have in relation to the courses you offer.

    In this blog article we’ll be looking at how should you be using Modern Training Management Software to Understand your Customers?

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