Does anyone blog or vlog to support learning?

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    Neil Bailey

    I’d love to know if anyone successfully blogs or vlogs internally to support learning. If so how often do you do it? What kind of things do you cover? What the engagement level of people reading/watching it? Thanks

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    Linda Fay Alansari

    Hi Neil – sorry for a late reply but I’ve only just joined the Group. With a previous employer we introduced successful podcasts and later vlogs which we made available via a learning portal that was accessible to all 100,000 employees. Anyone could contribute, but we started with key individuals handling major rollouts – IT or business focused, as this got us traction. We used them to talk about new things on the horizon to engage people who would be interested in participating. We also used them for “day in the life of” sessions. Any visiting speakers, business partners or sponsored individuals were also invited to participate. Subjects varied widely as a result of the above – but with 100,000 potential audience this was fine as an approach for us. We changed content at least every month to keep things fresh and always had some back up content ready to publish if anyone let us down at the last moment. We had email, and later on Yammer, connectivity available to encourage conversation with the speaker and all speakers agreed to a two week timeframe in which they would provide responses and engage with anyone wanting to respond to their content. Key engagement points were relevance of content, ease of access and ease of participation. The ability to “have a voice” was welcomed by many. There was also a core of employees who would regularly choose to participate in conversations – typically those who could be described as engaged in many aspects of their employment experience, not just L&D. Hope this helps even if a long time after your request.

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