Keep It Simple, Straightforward and Sane!

I’m sure most of us will have enjoyed the brief respite from the recent heatwave, although fingers crossed there’s still more warm, sunny days to come.

Each day my heart went out to the thousands of London commuters, my memory going back to my own 10 year Zone 4 daily commute, back in my London days – and those were the days before smartphones and Kindles etc!

At the height of the heatwave, I was struck by how many articles and discussion threads appeared across social media platforms about the rights and wrongs of relaxing workplace dress codes, what temperature was too hot for office working and should employees be allowed to work from home if their daily commute was impacted by the disrupted train timetable.

I read thread after thread of policy and procedure, guidance and guidelines and wondered if the sun really had frazzled everyone’s common sense!

Here at Chrysalis Consulting, ripping up the rulebook sits at our very core, and I do fully understand that our approach won’t suit every person and business – after all, I’ve worked in very corporate environments for the majority of my working life.

But if the rulebook can’t be totally ripped up, surely it can be relaxed a little! When the warm weather returns, the only HOT topic should be the adult to adult Honest, Open and Transparent conversations we should ALL be having!

So regardless of the season, there’s only ever HOT conversations at Chrysalis Consulting – and as for our own rulebook, our own ‘Chrysalis Crew Guide’ is simple, straightforward and sane!

So bring back the sunshine and here at Chrysalis Consulting, we like it HOT!

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