L&D QuestionTime Awards Finalists – Lucy Bolton

With the recent announcement of the finalists of the 2019 Learning Awards, we continue this new series of L&D QuestionTime in which we hear from this years finalists.

Today we hear from Lucy Bolton shortlisted in the Rising Star category.

In your opinion what is the biggest anxiety within the world of learning and development at the moment?

I’m not sure I would class it as an anxiety, but definitely something worth considering, that is finding the balance to not only develop others, but to develop ourselves! The world of L&D is going through fast paced change at the moment and there is a constant need for us to be upskilled in the new emerging technological developments in order to meet the demands of our learners. To find a balance, we need to find the time – and as we all know, that’s easier said than done sometimes!!

Who or what is informing your thinking around L&D?

It’s hard to pick one thing that is informing my thinking around L&D, but social media, conferences and exhibitions are all part of my list!! I’m really interested in how to use graphic design skill to bring learning to life, so I watch a lot of YouTube tutorials. If I am honest, I find nothing works better than just giving something a go, so I use videos or tutorials to help me to try new things! Practice makes perfect!!

What is the most exciting innovation on the horizon for learning?

We all like to get carried away with the new shiny idea but I think sometimes it’s important to sit back and reflect on things that may have been around for a while but are done so much better now than ever before. For me, the continuing developments in technology are creating really exciting opportunities for collaborative learning. We are fully embracing online and distance learning and the ability to bring learners into one room from all over the world at one time in a virtual classroom is really exciting.

What “game changers” would you like to see and why?

The game changer I think about is less around a specific thing, and more around a mindset. I’d love to see the mindset around L&D changing, with people wanting to learn, rather than having it as something that they have to do. I think it would be great to have learning implemented at all levels in order to create a real learning culture throughout all workplaces.

What do you think the world of L&D will look like by 2030?

I think self-directed learning will take over – L&D will be less about delivering learning, but about providing a platform for learning to happen. It’s been spoken about a lot, but a Netflix of learning will become the norm. I hope this leads to L&D being part of the day to day for all departments rather than it being thrust upon people.

What advice would you give your 21 year old self?

At 21 I was just leaving university and had no idea what I wanted to do, and I fell into an L&D role. So, I would tell myself to follow what feels right, even if it’s not what you expected you would do, you might just end up falling in love with a profession you didn’t even know existed!!

About Lucy:

Lucy is a Learning Content Design Specialist at DPG and is responsible for the instructional design and graphics for the HR and L&D learning programmes.

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