L&D QuestionTime – John Grisby

In this weeks L&D QuestionTime we hear the views of John Grisby, Professor of Management Practice at the University of Bedfordshire Business School.

In your opinion what is the biggest anxiety within the world of learning and development at the moment?

Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers said, ”Forty per cent of businesses, unfortunately, will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years,” and, “70% of companies would attempt to go digital but only 30% of those will succeed.” If this is even slightly true a big shift will have to take place in what learning and development is and does.

Organisations (human being) will have to adapt to multiple variables in the business world.

Who or what is informing your thinking around L&D?

Organisations are humans. Learning and developing is a part of what the human species have naturally done to evolve over time. I think the more we learn about ourselves the better we become. The human domains are most interesting to understand learning and development: neuroscience, psychology, biology, socio-cultural context, evolution and human adaptation.

What is the most exciting innovation on the horizon for learning?

Changing the approach to designing, developing and delivering learning, development and performance solutions. We are slowly exiting ‘the best way fits all’ approach to more tailored and individual. Ninetieth and twentieth century thinking was, “What is the best approach or way we can get people to learn?”.  Twenty first century thinking will be, “Which people respond to what forms or learning in what types of situations?”.

What “game changers” would you like to see and why?

Organisations that are able to create new business and markets with their structures. In essence they become the disruptors instead of being disrupted. Some organisations are threatened to a point survival as a result of old and conventional thinking (i.e. Kodak and Instagram). I would like to see the organisations’ top Directors/Management release the potential of their workforce.

What do you think the world of L&D will look like by 2020?

L&D will continue to evolve like every other discipline. There will be incremental change, whatever the organisation (i.e. human) is capable of handling. It will take at least one generation (the average) to see significant changes in L&D.

What advice would you give your 21 year old self?

Experience the world to the fullest


About John Grisby:

John is a Professor of Management Practice at the University of Bedfordshire Business School. Non-academic integrating scientific/academic theory with real world commercial practice. Develop, design and deliver Practice Management/Leadership Executive Development workshops and programmes for part-time Executive MBAs and Corporate Engagement (UK/Europe/Middle East).

He has published articles – Global Professional Tennis Coaching Association (GPTCA), The English Rugby Football Union (RFU), International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching and currently writing a book on sports performance coaching and management practices for next generation coaches and managers, Games You Can Play – Experience the Meaning of Winn

John He has extensive experience working cross industry with diverse roles; Founder-Entrepreneurs, Owner-MDs, career- CEO/MDs, Senior Management & Teams and ‘High Potentials’ from Corporate, Large SMEs, Mid-Market and Family Owned business in markets across UK, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and the US.

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