Leadership Lessons from Apollo

In this 15 minute video,  author Julian Stodd shares some of the first chapter of the Apollo Leadership Reflections book, alongside some of his thinking behind the project.

About Julian Stodd:

Julian helps organisations and individuals learn better. He splits his time between research and writing about learning, alongside consultancy and delivering projects out in the real world with his crew at SeaSalt Learning.

Much of his consultancy work is around core elements of the Social Age: the need for Social Leadership, the design of Scaffolded Social Learning, planning for Organisational Change and the impacts of Social Collaborative Technology.

Working with global organisations on strategy and execution, Julian help’s them translate their learning objectives into practically focussed projects that deliver quantifiable changes in knowledge, skills and behaviours.

You can hear Julian’s Learning Podcasts by simply clicking here

Follow Julian on Twitter @julianstodd

Julian was the recipient of the prestigious Colin Corder Award at the 2016 annual Learning Awards 

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