Learning and Performance Institute to speak at Microsoft EMEA Learning Partner Summit

Global body for workplace learning and development will present recommendations for digital transformation readiness.

The leading authority on workplace learning and development, the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), has been invited by Microsoft to present its recommendations for digital transformation at the EMEA Learning Partner Summit taking place in Casablanca, Morocco on 4-7 October 2016.

The Morocco summit is part of a series of annual events catering to Microsoft’s global learning partner network, and offers Microsoft Learning Partners the opportunity to showcase their expertise and network with European, Middle East and African companies and decision makers.

Speaking at the Learning Partner Summit will be David James, a fellow of the institute and former director of Talent Management at Disney, who will outline the opportunities for Microsoft Partners to promote digital transformation within an organisation. Also presenting at the event will be Kelly Davis, LPI sales & marketing director, who will discuss how the adoption of a digital strategy may impact customer sales cycles, market positioning and revenue targets.

Describing the need for digital transformation, David James said: “Workers today have the tools to access knowledge and know-how on-demand and will do so every single day to enhance and influence their work. Mobile devices and constant connectivity have given us all the opportunity to be better, more capable versions of ourselves. However, the Learning & Development function is currently far less influential than web-search and most organisations are missing the opportunity to influence the way that work is done.

James continued, “We intend to show how Microsoft Partners can offer solutions that support, influence and engage learners where they are most active, and make their offering more valuable to their client organisations.”

Also present at the summit will be the LPI’s managing director, Edmund Monk, who said: “We are excited and honoured to be asked to present at Microsoft’s EMEA Learning Partner Summit. As the foremost body for the learning and development sector, the LPI thrives on sharing knowledge, bringing together like-minded professionals, and providing practical advice and solutions.

Monk continued, “Digital transformation is a huge challenge for today’s organisations and one in which the LPI is actively working to provide sensible guidance. The growing connectivity of people and devices, coupled with ease of access to free or low-cost learning resources has changed the demands of the market. In order to stay relevant and competitive, business need to adjust to these demands by digitising their processes and business models. This presents a huge opportunity for software vendors to develop solutions that align with those needs.

Monk concluded, “The LPI works with companies who are doing progressive and pioneering work in this area, and we are excited to be able to share this intelligence with the Microsoft Learning Partner community.”


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