Learning Awards 2018: #inspired

Just over a week ago I had the privilege of attending Learning Awards’ 22nd annual celebration and be a humble part of hundreds of outstanding Learning Development and Performance professionals from top organisations.

As an aspiring L&D voice, emerging through the thousands of experienced faces in the industry, it is amazing to feel welcomed by the LPI community.

The Rising Star Award has been introduced for this year’s celebrations to recognise emerging talent. This category evidences how L&D is moving away from being just about delivering training interventions, and more about influencing, thus giving people like myself the opportunity to impact organisations early on in their careers.

For the opening ceremony, CEO of LPI, Edmund Monk talked about

“a revolutionary period of change in the way the L&D profession operates”.

Having had some time to reflect on that magical night, and 2018 in general, I wanted to share some thoughts around my personal theme for this year, which is..

1…. by the winner of Innovation in Learning category. Having recently contemplated over who is responsible for driving my learning, I know that I want to be in control, take accountability and access information whilst receiving constructive feedback; does everyone work the same way? Perhaps learning isn’t something that we all seek, but the winner of this category has clearly showed that by involving participants in the creation and delivery of content appeals to people to be in control and experience their own learning.

2…. by all the winners in the Digital Learning Transformation category. Sensing a lot of fear around technology and learning but the introduction of this category yet again demonstrates how L&D is bravely adapting and working hard to keep current. The winners evidenced that using technology can open learning to a large user base and integrate with day to day work for measurable results. Plus everyone now talks about digital transformation in classrooms and upskilling teachers to work with these technologies. So it will start through early years! Since day one of my journey with XMA, I’ve been curious about Scotland’s plan for digital transformation and the deployment of mobile device technology in schools. It seems 2018 is the Year of the Young People!

3….and finally, #inspired by the amazing community I’ve been introduced through the LPI that placed me on the path of discovery and exploration. If our time is now, then I am pleased to be on time! Thank you Edmund Monk for inspiring me continuously and Danny Seals for welcoming me to the community of inspirational L&D stars.

OK, I am now planning an #inspired2018 series. I am curious about what inspires you?

About the author Bianca Balcanu:

An enthusiastic and inquisitive L&D professional, with a flair for novelty, diversity, performance management and technology. A driven and tenacious leader, dedicated to improving managers’ effectiveness through creativity and engagement, whilst keeping a business hat in ROI. Thriving a highly pressurised working environment, or anywhere she can make a difference.

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