LEARNING LIVE: An Unmissable Experience for Learning Leaders

Every September the Learning & Performance Institute holds LEARNING LIVE, an unmissable experience for learning leaders.

At LEARNING LIVE, you’ll enter a lecture-free zone where you can join in with activities that challenge your way of thinking, spark new ideas, stimulate your imagination, and help you adapt and solve problems.

If you’ve ever been to a conference and gone away feeling that there wasn’t anything of relevance, there’s probably a good reason for it. Many conference organisers develop their agendas, panel discussions and sessions in a vacuum, or copy what other conferences are doing.

Here at the Learning & Performance Institute, we think differently. When you register to attend LEARNING LIVE, we ask you to describe the top challenges you are currently facing in your workplace. We then analyse this information to discover what topics are important to our delegates in their professional lives and build the agenda around these topics.

Our speakers won’t lecture you with theory. Instead they’ll facilitate group-working and interaction as you explore the topic at hand. We select speakers and learning providers based on their expertise in the topics and ensure that all sessions are relevant and beneficial to you, as a delegate.

All sessions at LEARNING LIVE are laid out with tables in the Cabaret style, and we keep the rooms to a manageable size. No more straining to see a tiny figure on a distant stage, or struggling to hear the speaker over the din of an open arena. LEARNING LIVE is all about collaboration, interaction, and the freedom to pose challenges, questions or suggestions to the room.

LEARNING LIVE offers dedicated networking breaks throughout the event and everyone is in a similar role, so the conversation is always relevant. The networking breaks are perfect for meeting potential new clients, partners, suppliers, and other people who may prove invaluable contacts in your professional career.

Staying current – In an ever-changing business climate, LEARNING LIVE helps you keep up with the learning marketplace as well as overall trends in the industry. Networking with your peers and business associates will help you stay current.

Problem solving – LEARNING LIVE is the perfect environment to bounce ideas off other people in similar roles to yourself, find out about what other have done that worked (or didn’t), and meet learning providers who may have solutions to the challenges you face in the workplace.

Sharing knowledge and experience – LEARNING LIVE’s Networking Breaks are ideal for expanding your knowledge by taking advantage of the viewpoints and prior experience of others. Before you invest time and money in a particular venture, find out what others have achieved in similar roles and get advice and recommendations.

Visibility – meet and communicate with potential new business partners (and old friends and colleagues!) to maintain your business relationships. Raise your personal profile and keep you front and centre in the minds of the right people.

Why we don’t charge for LEARNING LIVE tickets:

L&D is often the first thing on the list when it comes to budget cuts. That’s why we won’t charge you a penny to come to LEARNING LIVE.

So, where’s the catch?

There isn’t one. LEARNING LIVE has all the quality sessions, speakers and networking opportunities of similar events that demand an entry fee. Even the food is free!

All we require is that you are currently working in a learning leadership role within your organisation.


• As a delegate, you feel more invested in the event because you helped craft it

• You will be genuinely interested in the sessions, speakers and topics presented because you played a role in choosing them

• You will meet like-minded peers from your profession

• You will keep abreast of relevant industry trends

• You will hear from industry leaders who have already made headway on the crowdsourced challenges

If you would like to join the hundreds of attendees already registered to attend then apply here

We look forward to seeing you at LEARNING LIVE, 133 Houndsditch London on the 4th – 5th September 2019

About the author – Pauline Saunders:

With over 8 years’ experience in the events industry, Pauline’s role as Head of Events includes managing LEARNING LIVE, managing The Learning Awards and helping run global events with the LPI’s partners

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