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Learning Directors of major Spanish companies got together last week for LEARNING LIVE Networks Iberia in Madrid organised by The LPI and our partner in Ibero-America Overlap. Breakfasts by the pool, a bright conference room, teambuilding tapas cooking competition, teamwork time to build our L&D manifesto and dinners al fresco at sunny La Finca by Chateauform, was the setting where this second edition took place.

Alfonso Bustos (Ricoh) opened the event LPI style: asking the audience what their biggest challenges are. Good news, they are very similar to those of CLOs around the world according to data collected from registrations for LEARNING LIVE London.

• Building/transferring the company’s learning culture
• Digital transformation and change of the L&D function
• Learning data analytics

Roberto Rodríguez (BBVA Next Technologies), told us everything about how his department tackled a mayor business challenge: bringing data management to within the business and creating an ecosystem where millennials and data experts or engineers want to work.

‘New talent doesn’t conceive their existence without learning.’ Roberto Rodrígues, BBVA Learning Technologies

Measuring items like for how long they are bored at their workplace helps predicting employees quitting or what manager is convenient for them. Employees define their own learning path and they are granted 2,000€ for learning.

Javier Lirón (Volvo) covered the very much mentioned ‘transformation’ and told us about the process to align Volvo’s business indicators to performance indicators through six KPIs:

• Knowledge management
• Access to experts
• Collaboration & networking
• Structured learning
• Talent management

Trish Uhl (Owls Ledge LLC) told us the four keys on how we can engineer Learning & Performance Ecosystems fueled by ambient intelligence to create impact, results and value: by working on the training environment, physical environment, cyber environment and internal state.

A highlight from Lori Niles-Hoffman on content strategy curation:
“We need to be brutally efficient on how we upskill our people.” Lori Niles-Hoffman

Elisabetta Galli (Banco Santander) added on the transformation of the L&D function and explained how the bank’s learning professionals first step on this was moving from order-taking to performance consulting with the LPI’s Performance Consultancy Masterclass. We also heard all about Dojo, Banco Santander’s clever learning platform.

A round table with Alfonso Bustos, Marc Zao-Sanders (Filtered), Trish Uhl and Ravi Ruswani (Overlap), provided fresh ideas on what’s currently happening with Adaptive Learning.

Without knowing, it happens that we also were at the premier of Overlap’s Trends Report 19-21 and for this we had Antonio Rubio on stage. This invaluable report for every learning leader is made of 10 trends in the areas of business, leadership and learning with exactly all the theory you need -not more- and stories on how companies around the world are leading the community. You can get your copy here in Spanish, and you can also express your wishes of reading the English version which will be available very soon.

For the last session we had the pleasure to count on Don Taylor and Kelly Davis (LPI), who went through the whys and hows of the LPI Capability Map’s global success and how it applies to an L&D team.

As learning professionals, we are the first who need to learn, change and grow and this time away in the Spanish countryside no doubt gave us the attitude, as Roberto Rodríguez said, it is the one ingredient we need to start the transformation.

Your next step is LEARNING LIVE London, exclusively curated for Heads of Learning. You can register your interest to attend or exhibit by simply clicking here 

About The Author – Olga Manzano:

As the Institute’s Global Partner Manager, Olga’s role focuses on partner’s success and growth by coordinating the LPI’s resources to achieve strategic goals. You can talk to her in English, Spanish, French or Italian

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