Learning Paths – How Can Technology Support Your Career Pathway?

In the modern working world we are all very much responsible for our own career pathways. Jobs for life are gone – and with them the restrictions that could have prevented learning and growth for those without a specific qualification or experience. Today, the world is very much your learning oyster, and technology has a big part to play in supporting career development.

Making sure you measure your progress

Setting goals and then tracking your progress towards them is an important part of getting ahead in any field.  It’s useful to set regular periods of reevaluation in terms of where you are in your career, what learning goals you’ve reached and where you might need to make adjustments to your career pathway. Technology has given us a whole new way to get perspective on achievements and learning pathways. An LMS provides a simple way to track the progress that you’ve made so far and recognise how far you’ve come.

Taking all opportunities to learn and grow

Moving ahead in a career isn’t just about meeting daily deadlines or moving up the career ladder. Learning has a huge part to play in how well you perform and whether you’re able to exceed expectations. When you have access to an LMS you have an instantly available training resource that will give you the tools to further your career pathway at a pace and schedule that suits your lifestyle. Thanks to this technology it’s possible to learn and grow on the move and to select the training and development options that are the easiest to integrate – and likely to be the most effective.

Self motivation is enabled

One of the great advantages of technology, such as an LMS, is that it puts the responsibility for career development in the hands of the individual. Self-motivated professional development is much more likely to achieve results than development that is forced or required by the business. With an LMS, it’s easy to be self-motivated, from being able to track progress to setting your own goals.

The value of feedback

No career is a smooth and rock free pathway. We all run in to obstacles and failures at times – and, often, these end up being the most useful tools to achieving the end result that we’re looking for. That’s why feedback is so crucial to learning and career development. Feedback enables us to work on the skills and aptitude that we may currently lack and to find new ways of doing better. With an LMS, feedback is a much more efficient process, both when it comes to gathering feedback and also analysing what has been said.

A sign of a great employer

Forward thinking employers recognise the benefits that technology has to offer for employees looking to go further along their current career path. So, where there is investment in an LMS it’s often a sign of a committed employer who would be a good option for the longer term.

About the author – Shona Fletcher

Shona is CEO of  Enterprise Study, an enabler of learning technology integration.

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