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As Learning and Development continues to evolve and intensify, companies are under increasing pressure to manage their internal learning and people development processes strategically. Attracting and retaining the best people, nurturing tomorrow’s leaders and organisational talent, increasing performance, growing operational competencies and spreading knowledge and expertise throughout the organisation – these have all become critical objectives.

To meet these challenges, the L&D function, frequently working in close step with HR, plays a strategic role. The quality of its portfolio of learning and development resources is pivotal in delivering solutions that help measure effectiveness and impact, justifying the investments made in them.

The LPI Learning Programme Endorsement has been designed to help you determine how your contribution plays a significant part, often not fully appreciated. Self-assessment against a set of rigorous standards developed through leading members of the learning community is combined with external review by experienced LPI assessors, providing a means for quality benchmarking, mutual learning and sharing good practice. The process is also designed to ensure it is not a burden on staff time and resources, whilst at the same time being robust and offering credible rigour to ensure mutual benefit to the learning programme itself, the participants who make use of the learning and the organisation as a whole.

The focus of the Learning Programme Endorsement is to identify key factors that determine quality in the design and delivery of programmes and services by learning organisations. LPI’s Certification, Accreditation and Endorsement processes are recognised globally. Being able to apply the same level of knowledge and high standards to learning programmes – either as individual courses or part of a learning path with multiple elements – will provide you with the assurance that it meets the standards required and demanded by executive stakeholders in any organisation.

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About the author Ettie MCormack

Ettie has a focused consultative approach, analysing root causes of performance challenges, implementing solutions for improvement and translating to the bottom line by evaluating results against key performance indicators. Operational experience across several industries and sectors, holding a variety of operational and staff management positions. Able to provide objective support and collaborative leadership to teams, peers and key stakeholders. Effective in high pressure environments where dealing with complexity and the need for urgency are key components in the continuous race for results.

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