Mapping Essential Skills in the New Age of L&D

How good are your L&D skills in 2018?

Find out with the new LPI Capability Map – full revised for the modern L&D professional

As Learning and Development continues to evolve and innovate, it’s important to check that your skills remain up to date and relevant.

The Learning & Performance Institute is excited to announce that the Capability Map has just been refreshed and revised for 2018, covering all the latest skills and capabilities needed to succeed in today’s modern L&D world.

Over 60 international experts have contributed to this update and is now the most comprehensive and powerful tool available to help you understand where you are strongest and where you can make improvements, both invaluable metrics for PDP and career planning.

You can assess your skills now and use the results to build future capability.

The LPI Capability Map is still free for individual use and takes about 20 minutes to complete. You’ll get a PDF report after completion and as the data set grows over time, you’ll be able to compare your results against your L&D peers. In time research findings on global trends will be published- and your input will help the Institute do that.

* If you manage an L&D team, the LPI Capability Map can provide heat-maps of strengths and weaknesses, helping you to plan development strategies. For further information simply email the LPI –

Assess your skills now 

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  1. Rus Slater 2 years ago

    The assessment tool is very detailed and thought provoking. It will be very interesting to see how this pans out as more people complete it.
    If I were to be critical it would only be one small area: there are two rows relating to the facilitation of face to face learning and virtual learning. They conglomerate the design of events with the delivery of events- many people design but don’t deliver, many people deliver, but don’t design.
    That small comment aside it is a very comprehensive self assessment

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