Measuring the Impact of Learning

We All Need to Measure the Impact of Learning!

Piers Lea from LEO has been commissioning a survey on the impact of learning in organisations. Do large organisations believe that measuring the business impact of learning is a priority? A key question, with interesting data from the answers.

With respondents from over 350 companies across Europe and the US in various sectors – from government to motoring, aviation, defence and technology – some interesting patterns are emerging that suggest a big change is on its way.

Here are the original survey talking points:

I want to use analytics to improve learning

I believe it is possible to demonstrate learning’s impact

Big data has a significant impact on my organisation

The success of my department is evaluated by…

I feel executive pressure to measure learning’s impact

The biggest challenge of measuring the impact of learning in my organisation is…

“We now have increasingly sophisticated ways for organisations to measure the business impact of learning. Yet effective measurement is not standardised across the learning industry,” said LEO’s Chief Strategy Officer Piers Lea, who spearheaded the research. “We wanted to find out what the appetite for measuring learning impact really is. There seems to be an emerging pressure to get this resolved. As one client succinctly puts it: ‘L&D is the last great unmeasured spend in modern business’.”

Key findings include:

78% of respondents believe that it is possible to evidence learning impact, while just 7% feel that it cannot be measured.

86% of respondents say that they want to use data analysis to boost learning impact.

The majority of respondents say that ‘competing priorities’ is their biggest impediment to measuring learning impact at work.

View the full report here

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