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We’re about to launch Microsoft Teams to our users and I’m just starting getting myself up to speed with it.  Has anyone been through this already and got any handy hints you’re willing to share?

We’re really keen to focus on the business benefits and how people can move from one way of working to another.



  1. Anne Pollard 2 years ago

    Hi Heather. I am in the same position as you…we are launching Teams and are keen to support the change in working as well across our business. We are under no illusions that this will be an overnight process and are engaging with our Comms and Change teams as well to support the change. We will be identifying Change Champions in each business unit to drive the change in their teams. Although this is early days, I would imagine there will be elements of this process that are organisation wide and others that will be suited to different departments (e.g. Retail work quite differently to Head Office). I would also be keen on getting any hints from others as well as we start this programme of work.

  2. Jeni Brown 2 years ago

    One of the most helpful things we’ve found is ensuring people either have the desktop app launch on startup, or have pinned the online version so it appears when they open their browser. Otherwise, they forget to check it and adoption is slow to non-existent. Explore the notification options and encourage people to set notifications that are appropriate for how they want to work with it.

    We’ve also found that integrating other useful tools (such as linking files, using Planner, etc) is helpful in making Teams a useful hub, rather than a separate app

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