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Headspace, the meditation and mindfulness startup, raised $34m funding last month from a range of venture capitalists, business bigwigs and even hollywood celebrities. The app now has 3 million users in over 150 countries and is symptomatic of a rise in the popularity of activities intended to bring some calm to the data-laden modern mind.

But despite the massive take-up there is still a lot of uncertainty about what mindfulness is and how it can tangibly help in a everyday life. So here’s an example that we think is both tangible and applicable on a daily basis in business.

You’re in a meeting. Someone else is talking. You’ve tuned out, your mind has wandered. An ability to become aware (mindful) of the fact you’ve tuned out can help you to observe the fact you have tuned out – without judging or dwelling on it – and bring your attention back to what the speaker is saying.

Of course, you’d probably do this anyway, at some point. But by recognising the importance of this awareness and becoming better at noticing the tuning out points, you will become a more mindful meeting participant, better listener and better contributor. Note that this practice of tuning back in can apply to reading, speaking, writing, indeed any mental activity for which tuning out is not beneficial.

About the author Marc Zao-Sanders

Marc started his career in strategy. He then applied the skills learnt there to a number of small businesses including Pure Potential and accessprofessions.com. Over the course of this period he began to realise the shortage of basic business skills in the work place and wanted to do something about it. And so the idea of Filtered was born. Marc is now Filtered’s managing director.

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