Mindfulness – Clouding the Issues

Mindfulness is a great solution for identifying the rubbish that clogs up our consciousness but what do we do with that information? The experts suggest that we should simply accept. I believe there are a few more crucial steps before we can truly do that.


Stop your mind from recycling

We can only really let go of fears, concerns or down right obsessions by separating them out a little.

Think of mind trash like a rubbish bag full of stuff that needs to go into the right bin before you can wholeheartedly throw it away.

Recycle your thoughts or your mind will!


Carting off your Mind Clouds

So here’s the approach I use and it works. Just to be clear, mindfulness is an awareness of the present moment. For me it’s a ‘brain climate check’ to see what’s going on up there. I ask myself “what’s the weather like in my head today?” To do that I practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Simply sitting still, breathing deeply and observing the thoughts, like clouds in my head. Some clouds are bigger than others and here’s the trick: I draw them and make the infinite, finite. Boom! In front of me are the things that are bothering me, captured on a piece of paper. Not a list but a powerful image of the important issues that are taking away my peace of mind.


Clouding the Issues

You can clearly see the main ‘cloud’ that needs addressing. In this case I can do nothing but wait for approval for project peanut. I decide which bin to put it in. I use Steven Covey’s Time Management Matrix as a way to do that. Do I:

Do something now
Defer it
Delegate it
Dump it
In this case I defer it. I then enter it into an online platform to manage projects called Trello. It’s on all my devices and helps me to manage my day. After my mindfulness practice this whole process takes 10 seconds and saves me hours of useless mind recycling.

By acknowledging the cloud (mindfulness) and agreeing it’s place in my world (those extra steps) I find it easier to accept it.

Don’t let worry cloud your mind – name the clouds to clear the sky!

About the author – Matthew Davies:

Matthew is an experienced, genuine and energetic leader, working at a strategic level as well as a hands on approach in Performance and Capability, Learning and Development and Employee Engagement. An excellent communicator with the ability to influence throughout an organisation regardless of level or role.

He is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and studied Leadership and Management on Harvard Business School’s Manage Mentor programme. I have also completed the Level 5 Certificate in L&D with the CIPD and am an Accredited MBTI Practitioner.  Matthew is the founder of Power The Change

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