My first Learning Live!



Last week I was at Learning Live in London and to say I was invigorated, would be an understatement! There were certain things that were in my favour, for instance:

  • I was not exhibiting
  • I was not leading a session
  • I was helping point people to the Creativity Zone (easy peasy!)
  • I took the train down and was able to chill out by reading
  • I stayed in a serviced apartment virtually across the road

Things that really invigorated me were:

  • Little “nuggets” I gleaned from the speakers that will make a difference to me
  • Scribbling some of my thoughts on the various sessions onto my iPad and sharing with people
  • The subsequent feedback I got about my “scribblings”
  • Chance conversations that I had with people at some of the sessions
  • Reconnecting with people I knew and had not seen for a while
  • Connecting with people I had only ever connected with virtually
  • Having time out to just “be” and stop “doing”

So this has made me think about what I consciously do in my normal working week to keep “filled” and sustained, rather than feeling drained by the end of the week. These are some of the things that “fill” me:

  • Walking
  • Great views
  • Travelling
  • Pottery
  • Felting (the wet and dry types!)
  • Being with my family and friends
  • Having great learning experiences with clients
  • Having an outlet for my artistic cravings

So my intention, is that at the start of every day/week I plan in those things that keep me topped up and sustained, and intersperse them with those essential things that I need to do, but do drain me. I love to be inspired and I hope that this helps me inspire others to learn, so I am committed to giving this a go…. will let you know how it goes….one thing is certain, I am looking forward to Learning Live 2017!!

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