Reflections of Learning Technologies Day One

Lizzie Rhodes-James reflects one day one of Learning Technologies London #LT19UK – here are her 3 conference sessions and the expo takeaways:

1. Learning leadership- get out of the learning bubble, build and maintain your network internally and externally and

2. Utilise the data to support what will work @fosway hashtag#fosway – 3 areas to consider personal , operations and future – no one piece of tech can do it all. Learn to manage multiple suppliers @sarahlindsell

3. Remember the modern professional – they have different approaches to learning – How best can you support them?

Finally there is lots of technology- don’t get driven by the gloss, what has worked for others. But start with your context and ask the right questions to build and evolve what is right for you that has the ability to adapt in the future

Lizzie Rhodes-James is a Learning and Performance Institute Approved Accreditation Mentor – find out more here

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