Surviving The Corona Virus Lockdown & Social Isolation

What can I do to help?

This is a question that is clearly popular on Google (today there were 25,270,000,000 results for this search). It’s in our nature to want to help each other – that’s why social isolation is so difficult for so many of us. We like being together, and we like to help each other.

That was the motivation behind this book. There’s no profit for anyone, nobody is being paid to get this book or the articles out. It’s about a common purpose, a common belief that by sharing our experiences we can help each other to cope. The authors of these articles,and the editors who volunteered to work on them, share a common desire to reach out and help, and we hope that this is the start of many conversations for post-lockdown too. Not
just in isolation, which is going to be painful for millions of people, but with changed world when we re-emerge.

The national and international response to COVID-19 has been profoundly different to anything we’ve seen before, and we have seen pandemics in the past. There are local and international issues that have been brought to the forefront of people’s minds, and already there are call for changes in the way we do things when we return to the ‘new normal’. We think that the old normal will change, but predicting how isn’t easy. Political, social,
economic, and technological changes will arise as the repercussions of this global event reverberate for decades to come. This seismic jolt for our species is a wake-up call.

Together, #LetsResetNorm

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