The 2019 Contractor Skills & Demands Survey

Blue Eskimo (LPI Capability Map Ambassador) has just launched its 2019 ‘contractor skills and demands survey’, asking those who work as contractors or freelancers – and those who employ them – for their views on the current state of contracting in the L&D sector.

The goal, says Blue Eskimo director Nick Bate, is to build an accurate picture of contracting in the sector and make it available free of charge. “We speak to both contractors and employers daily,” says Bate, “and lots of them, but we want to gather a larger set of more accurate information. Once this is done, we’ll publish the report without charge and present the findings at industry events.”

“The survey is simple to complete,” says Bate. “There are just a few questions and it can easily be completed in just a few minutes. We understand that people are busy.”

The survey seeks to find which skills are most in demand, how active and buoyant the market is – plus answers to other related questions. “We’re asking these questions because both contractors and employers want to know the answers,” says Bate. “As the sector’s leading recruiter, we’re in a unique position to be able to ask the questions. We want to help contractors and employers make informed choices.”

As an incentive, Blue Eskimo is offering a free Apple Watch, worth £399. “Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a draw,” says Bate, “and the winner will get a Series 4 Apple Watch, GPS version.”

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