The A to Z of Networking. O is for…..

In his continuing series business networking strategist & Fellow of The Learning & Performance Institute Andy Lopata shares his tips for breaking down the barriers to successful business networking.

Opening up Opportunities

Building a strong and diverse network, having plenty of conversations and developing trusted relationships all lead to more opportunities for your career and for your business.

Surrounding yourself with the right people also gives you the support you need to assess those opportunities and decide which ones you should grasp.

An Open heart and an Open mind

An open heart will allow you to develop the deep relationships and trust that lie at the centre of a strong network. An open mind will enable you to share honestly with that network and listen to what they have to say without prejudice.

Being open to others’ support and ensuring that they know they can be open with you will elevate your career to new levels. Yet so few of us really allow ourselves to go there.

O is also for…


Nobody should feel obliged to support you. ‘Give without remembering, receive without forgetting’

Offering your support

Don’t force your solutions or support on others but always be ready to offer help when appropriate.

Optimising your network

Make the most of your network by knowing where people can best support you and not  being afraid to ask once the relationships are strong enough.

Owning the space/Owning your abilities

Be confident in yourself, believe in yourself and maintain a positive persona.


Keep track of your contacts, your conversations and the referrals you have passed and been offered.


Take note of other people’s body language. Listen to what they say. Take yourself out of the equation and think about them.


Create an oasis away from the day to day challenges of the workplace, where you can go for support, new ideas or a change of focus.

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