The A to Z of Networking. P is for……..

In his continuing series business networking strategist & Fellow of The Learning & Performance Institute Andy Lopata shares his tips for breaking down the barriers to successful business networking.


There’s no point in networking without a purpose. Have a clear understanding about how others can help you and how you can help them.

Add direction to your networking, dare I say implement a strategy, and you’ll find that it becomes so much more powerful for your career and/or your business.


Are you in business or in your role for the next couple of weeks, months, years or longer? Resist the temptation to rush after every opportunity and take a longer term view.

Building a powerful network takes patience. Sometimes it’s important to ignore short term gain with a view to the longer-term benefits deeper relationships can offer. This might be counter-intuitive, particularly in a target-driven sales environment, so be clear about your objectives and what you are working towards (see above).

P is also for…


Maintain contact, stay in touch and allow opportunities to come your way.

Preparation and Planning

Before events, before meetings, even before posting online.


Carry yourself professionally at all times, online and at face to face events. Particularly important to remember at this time of year!

Personable, Polite and a Pleasure to be with

Relax and be yourself. Take away the pressure of short term targets and stop trying to sell to people. You’ll be so much more attractive to others.


Understand your qualities and have confidence in what you offer to other people.


Be open to how you can work in tandem with others and how you can support them to achieve their aims.


Keep them!

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