The Brave New World of Freelancer Providers

If you are a main stream learning provider, this has probably happened to you in the past year. You lost a contract to a freelancer. They charged less and they offered a service matching that of a larger provider.

What does this mean for the L+D Manager?

You have choice in a way you never did before. Sure, there have always been freelancers for everything from elearning designers to trainers, but now they are more accessible than they ever have been. They are skilled and they are easy to find. But be aware that they can not offer the security or the range of services and products as the larger providers.

What does this mean for the main providers?

Sink or swim. The learning and development departments that challenge the services you provide are the ones looking elsewhere. It’s only a matter of time before the others follow suit. It continues to surprise me how few providers carry out substantive research on the needs of the market. The world is moving on, needs are changing, and we can’t use features such as mobile functionality to cover the gaping wound of a changing market.

Isobel Nancarrow

Passionate and driven founder and MD of Nancarrow Partnerships as well as consultant for the LPI. A successful track record of B2B partnership engagement and marketing management. Backed up by a field based MSc in Marketing Strategy and Management, with a focus on marketing relations.

Client Relationship Management Model
I developed a new model to strengthen client and partner relations using strategic marketing techniques. The model has been tried and tested in the finance and service sectors. It is designed to build the nature of relations with business partners to strengthen company image and increase revenue.

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