The Forbidden Word: Race

We shouldn’t be worried about acknowledging someone’s race or background. In fact, we should celebrate difference, embrace culture and the opportunity it presents for a paradigm shift. Sadly, there are humans on this planet who possess so much ignorance that this mindset has become detrimental to themselves and others around them. I hope these individuals who work against human progress step out from the ruins of ignorance quickly and join the rest of us on this progressive movement to equality, justice and acceptance.

What’s my point? We need to stop tip toeing around race, let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable! For only when we accomplish a clear, precise narrative can it then become “the norm”. Because that’s exactly what race, diversity and culture is NORMAL! Let’s actively pursue this perspective to grow our businesses and diversify our teams. Too many organisations call themselves global, yet what proportion of their people actually reflect the globe? Discrimination, intolerance all these behaviours we condemn and quote as our values and on our mission statements, count and thrive on our silence to keep us where we are. We’ve reached a social impasse where lives are being lost and that cannot be an acceptable reality for any generation.

Chris Mullard one of our CrossKnowledge faculty members and Doctor in Sociology states, “I am diverse, you are diverse, it affects as us all” and it’s not just about race either. We have all had experiences of being different, because guess what? The shocking truth is we are all different! We need to overcome and engage with the things that cause us discomfort and challenge the status quo. Using our differences in a constructive and productive way will lead to better relationships, a better society and a better world. Diversity is GOOD for business and more importantly it is good for people. 

I implore you to start this conversation NOW. Race is not a swear word and an honest self-review shouldn’t be taboo. Now how we effectively and respectfully communicate to address these points, is a whole other lesson in Emotional Intelligence…

The War on ignorance can only be won with knowledge and education and I am proud to be in a position where I can contribute to this discussion. We have a full Library of content on Inclusion and Diversity, where there is something for everyone delivered via a diverse bench of Professors, Nobel Laureates and leading business consultants. If you want to get in touch with me to have a conversation, I’d welcome it.

However, in the event we never speak I want to leave you with one final thought in the words of Martin Luther King, “…in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.

About the author – Aisha Wague:

Aisha is Senior Learning Consultant at CrossKnowledge where she works on transformative digital learning experiences.

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