The New Role of L&D

The new role of L&D is to help the organisation to connect to its ‘living with COVID’ context.

This new context is already influencing:

Your organisations’ business model – for now & looking ahead

+ The new competitive landscape within which your organisation is operating

+ The definition of ‘performance’ now needed to build a differentiated business

+ The different types of work required in the organisation – that will create value now & looking forward

3 questions that can help to re-frame the goals, strategies & tactics of the L&D function:

Q1. How stable is our current business model? Will this change?

Is the organisation aligning behind the advantages of improving its existing processes further? or Does the organisation need to become more adaptable – to respond to new, ‘as yet unseen’ challenges? or both?

Q2. Will the organisation create value through individual performance?

or Team performance?

or both?

Q3. What different types of work will support our business model?

Routine work? – executing & improving existing processes

or Complex work – a combination of routines & real time decision making

or Innovation work – investing in new thinking that creates new value for the organisation

or A combination of all 3?

About the author – Paul Jocelyn:

Experienced strategic Head of Learning & Development now helping teams build the knowledge, thinking and learning culture needed to deliver a business strategy.

Paul works alongside business leaders and teams to grow capability and improve results. Paul is also an approved LPI Accreditation Mentor – find out more here.

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