The New Wave of Learning

Learning Live 2018 took place in September and Learning News asked Kate Graham, one of the track chairs for the event, for her insights into the key points being made.

Kate Graham was one of the track chairs at Learning Live 2018, leading the ‘New Wave of Learning’ panel session and sessions about digital transformation in learning. Learning News was there to ask Kate about the themes being discussed.

The New Wave of Learning panel session highlighted organisations who are succeeding at digital transformation, personalisation and AI in their learning provision. Panelists included Dr Hannah Gore (Solera), Gemma Critchley (Aviva), Adam Harwood (ASOS), Matt Ash (Media Zoo).

“The key points about successful digital transformation have been about human factors and less about technology – organisational culture, learning cultures, coaching cultures, and skills like empathy, creativity and communicating,” explains Kate Graham.

“L&D has an idea of where it wants to go, but they have to take people with them and the subject of engaging stakeholders has come through massively across the two days.”

Kate Graham is the content and communications manager for the market analyst, Fosway Group.

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